Monday, November 10, 2008

New crop of garlic available early December 2008

The garlic will be ready for sale in early December. If you are tired of the white, bleached, dry, imported Chinese garlic found in supermarkets you can now purchase beautiful, sweet, lovely-smelling garlic. You'll taste the difference - ours is home-grown, dense and fresh. If kept in ideal conditions it should keep until next Autumn.

As garlic is naturally a slow growing annual crop, it is only genuinely fresh once a year. The cloves are planted out in Autumn - they finally multiply to a new bulb for harvest in November. The garlic is then dried in the air to remove excess moisture and form its dry outer protective skin.

If the garlic is kept dry and reasonably well ventilated, this once a year crop, available from December, will keep for many months. It is however at its very best just after harvest.
Retail price: 1/2 kg $20.00; 1 kg $35.00 plus $5.50 p/h. This is our best-ever crop.
For wholesale enquiries please contact us directly.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


One of the young Devon bulls, April 2008.


In early April we picked Frontaio, Leccino, WA Mission and Pendolino olive varieties. The Leccino olives were ripe and black and will be beautiful pickled.

The new beds were prepared for the garlic in mid April. The garlic will be planted out a week after the full moon after the Anzac Day long weekend.